We recently wrote about Furries in Idaho, and if folks in costume are being welcomed with open arms to the Gem State.

Here's a follow-up question: Would you be okay with Furries (in full costume) attending your favorite bar or club, simply to socialize and dance?

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Now, as far as we can tell, there are no laws in Idaho forbidding someone in a furry costume from attending a bar or club. You may run into some trouble with the bouncer when it comes to show your I.D. and confirming your identity, but other than that, you're free to wear pretty much whatever you want when it comes to partying at clubs in Boise.

As long as your naughty and nice bits are covered up, you should be okay.

We've clarified that you can attend bars and clubs in your furry costume in Boise, but the question is, would other patrons be accepting of that? We're not going to lie and say it wouldn't be a bit bizarre to be ordering a drink at the bar and turn to see a group of furries walk into the club. It's not problematic, just not something you see every day nor expect to ever see at a club.

So how would you feel about it? If folks rolled up in their furry costumes and weren't harming anyone, would you be fine sharing the dance floor with them?

And yes, we're aware how absolutely ass-hot those costumes have to get after a couple hours of dancing. But we're not here to rag on other peoples' choices.

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