It's been kind of nice driving in the Treasure Valley (please save your traffic jokes, we know.) In the last part of 2022, we were paying less per gallon at gas stations around Idaho, and there was much rejoicing.

Citizens took to the streets in celebration, holding neighborhood cookouts, pop-up parades, and even a state-wide fireworks presentation! At least, that's how it felt. It was beginning to become torturous looking at gas prices the past few years, so when gas prices started to go down, we got a lot more excited that we should've.

Hindsight is 20/20, right?

In the last 30 days, the average price for a gallon of gasoline in Boise has gone up almost $.29 cents. In just a month. If that rate stays steady for the rest of the year, we'll just pretend we're terrible at math and go cry into our Shawn Mendes decorative pillow.

What's the explanation? From what we can tell, it's the typical mumbo-jumbo. Barrel prices going up and/or down, the economy is doing a thing, and Harry Styles left no crumbs at the Grammys last night so everything is just in chaos.

Regardless of the reason, expect to be paying a bit more at the pump in the Treasure Valley for the forseeable future. This might be a good time to cut back on your monthly NFT budget. You can't drive to and from work by putting an AI picture of a monkey in your gas tank.

Don't believe us? We're working from home today. Guess why.

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