Do you love your smartphone? How much? More than most humans? Same.

A company is doing a study on our attachment to our beloved little smartphones and the cash reward honestly sounds pretty great. How about being paid $1,000 to give up your iPhone or Android? That cold certainly pay some bills, right?

The company is called Frontier Bundles and for a grand, they're searching for one person willing to DOWNGRADE their phone and use only a flip phone that they will be providing.  For seven days, that's 168-hours, Frontier Bundles will be asking you to give up tweeting, checking Facebook, watching Instagram stories and snapping. The type of person they're looking for is someone that frequently uses their wi-fi enabled device in their daily life. You'll need to vlog the experience, too. You also need to be 18 years old, or older.

Aspects being measured are: how long it takes you to text and email, how often you find yourself missing your smartphone, how many hours of sleep you got, whether or not your productivity increased or decreased and more. It's like jumping in to a time machine and going back 20 or more years. Yikes.

Do you think you have what it takes to apply? Get yourself some cash and try this challenge. You can apply HERE.

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