Guys: when it comes to Valentines Day flowers, you're doing it wrong. Completely wrong. Like you're typically not even close to getting it right. Let me step you up on some game.

You've been shopping for Valentines flowers the wrong way. You're calling a florist and sending a $79 bouquet to your girl at work because you feel like you have to. And guess what? It never looks as good as something I can build myself with $10 at Trader Joes. You're spending upwards of $100 on a dozen roses with babies breath and carnations. Carnations?! For $80?! Wasting money when you can get something better for a fraction of the price? Couldn't be me.

I'm a sucker for flowers. I really am. And I don't even need any extravagant bouquet, I really just love a simple, classic, $5 bundle from Trader Joes. So when Keke makes fun of me for being 'difficult' or 'hard to please' because I like fresh flowers every week, I'm actually not asking much. A simple $4 bundle of sunflowers, tulips or hydrangeas makes me the happiest ever. I love getting a bundle of spray roses for $4.99 and adding a bundle of eucalyptus for $2.99.

Yesterday I was doing my grocery shopping at Trader Joes and as always, peeped what they had for flowers. Look at these beautiful bouquets of TWO DOZEN tulips for $10.99! I initially sent this picture to a group chat with Mikey and Digital Daniel because we were texting about something else, but wanted to make sure other guys knew about this as well. Easy for a guy who may not want to deal with putting anything together and they're beautiful!

You do not need to spend $100 on flowers for Valentines Day. I can tell you that I personally would much rather you spend a ten spot on this bouquet. Financial responsibility is sexy. Don't think you have to get expensive roses because it's 'the thing to do on Valentines Day'.



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