Another scam is hitting the Treasure Valley and take this as your reminder to always be paying close attention to who is calling you and who is emailing you.

A woman here in the Treasure Valley recently received an email from her boss asking for a favor-- they needed about $1,4000 in gift cards picked up. Of course, she would be reimbursed. Had it not been for needing an updated Drivers License at check-out, this woman would have walked away having spent $1,400 in Ebay gift cards for someone that WASN'T her boss.

The email that hit her inbox was obviously NOT from her boss-- but the address contained her boss' name and that was enough to, at first glance, make her question nothing about picking up these gift cards. Luckily, no money was lost and a scam was avoided.

Now that this has happened here in Boise, officials are saying this known scam must be targeting our area and we've got to be careful.

Boise Police are saying everyone needs to be careful and pay extra attention. Is a request for gift cards or money in your inbox totally uncharacteristic for your boss? Always call or text them-- follow up and make sure the request is valid--check that email address for validity, too!

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