Well this likely won't help out your New Years resolutions, unless your resolution is to invest back into your community, which will surely be my work around on this one.

It's the first week of January so obviously Girl Scout cookie season officially kicks off today. What would a new season be without introducing a new sweet treat.

People reports that Lemon-Ups are "crispy and sweet glazed lemon cookies" that have positive messages on them inspired by the group's mission. "I am a go-getter” and “I am an innovator" are just two of the eight inspiring phrases that will be baked into the top of each cookie.

Lemon-Ups will take the place of another lemon-flavored cookie that had previously been in the lineup, Savannah Smiles.

A yummy treat that helps you support local kids while giving you a positive affirmation? What more could we even ask for. I definitely need to hear that I'm a leader while throwing a cookie into my face.

Lemon-Ups will be available in select Girl Scout council markets while supplies last.


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