I've been running for 15 years and I've never been as nervous about trying to sign up for a race as I was yesterday trying to get one of those coveted 2,100 spaces in the Race to Robie Creek! 

I took a deep breath at high noon, clicked and typed as fast as humanly possible and I did it! This year's "Retro Robie" entries sold officially sold out in 12 minutes and 9 seconds. (I kept hitting refresh on the RunSignUp page to see how fast it would sell out.  My unofficial time was 9 minutes 30 seconds, but we'll take the race director's word for it.)

And now the countdown begins to April 15th, 2017. I'm nervous and excited to start adding a ridiculous amount of hills into my regular runs!  If you got in to the race and want someone to run with as you get ready click HERE to send me an e-mail! I'd love to join you on a run or invite you to run with me and my six Team Run Boise teammates that got in!

In the mean time here's some advice from REAL Treasure Valley Runners who've ran "the toughest race in the Northwest!"

*Runner's PRs determined by race results available at athlinks.com.

  • Martha Spiva

    Race to Robie Creek PR: 3:29:35

    "Prepare for all different kinds of weather. It's not like any typical half marathon. When I ran it, it was 92 or 94 degrees out and people went out there with no heat training and no electrolytes and they were being taken to the hospital. Prepare.. be self sufficient and don't be afraid to take help when it is offered by other runners. And listen to your body... know the signs of dehydration."

  • Bonnie Davis

    Race to Robie Creek PR: 3:03:21

    "Cut your toenails (the downhill is really hard on them)."

  • Debbie Dale

    Race to Robie Creek PR: 3:32:24

    "Train on the course! It's tougher than anything I've ever done."

  • Brandon Frank

    Co-Owner/Fleet Feet Meridian

    "I ran it for the first time last year and enjoyed it. My advice...train for the ups by running lots of hills."

  • Tanya Turner

    Race to Robie Creek PR: 2:05:39

    "It's so fun!! Enjoy the atmosphere, challenge, and post race party. Train on the course in small segments. If you think to yourself "this will be so hard and miserable" then it will be. So don't do that. focus on the fact that you're a bad ass instead."

  • Mandah Milacku

    "This race is always full of the best people! Beware of chafing! Hydration! Be ready for some fun!!"

  • DonDena Anderson

    "Train, train, train and stay very hydrated ( camelbak) and good shoes. I recommend going to Fleet Feet, Shus or Pulse for them."

  • Kimberly Simmons

    President/Team Run Boise

    "Everyone trains for the uphills, but the downhill is just as bad.  Make sure you add some downhill training into your training as well."

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