We're approaching the end of Phase 1 here in the State of Idaho-- the first of four stages announced a few weeks ago by Governor Brad Little for "rebounding" Idaho. Of course, with all of this talk of re-opening has come plenty of controversy-- businesses owners that are opening anyway, individuals claiming Little is a dictator, and others angry that people or businesses are breaking the rules. Ah, democracy.

Some businesses choosing to open against state issued guidelines have been called out, indirectly, by the Governor. Little said in a recent interview with Boise State Public Radio that this is "incredibly disrespectful".

Many businesses that have chosen to open happen to have licenses that are controlled by the State of Idaho. These include barbers, nail salons, cosmetologists, and bars. According to Little, re-opening these types of businesses puts your state issued license at risk. In Kendrick, Idaho, an Idaho State Police detective issued a bar a warning as they had opened in violation of Brad Little's re-opening plan--a move that sparked major controversy from every angle imaginable.

Do you think that following the Governor's outlined, four-phase plan should be a priority for business owners?


For further discussion, I found this article interesting from the opposite side of the country, where a bar in Maine lost its health and liquor licenses for defying state orders. You can read about that, HERE

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