Well, this certainly isn't a drill. Dairy Queen is coming in clutch TODAY with some free ice cream all to celebrate the first day of spring!

If you were out and about yesterday, you probably felt it too. Sunshine, a warm car if it had been parked outside at all, and peoples windows were DOWN. I live for this season shift that comes every year--it refreshes my energy.

While not EVERY spring day will feel as good as yesterday--today is when it all begins. The first day of spring, 2018.

To celebrate, Dairy Queen is leading the way with freebies, offering FREE ice cream! All you need to do is drop by any Diary Queen location and say you're there for your free cone. Just like that--a free vanilla cone is all yours.

The offer is valid at any location that isn't inside of a mall. To find one near you, click HERE.

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