My date was surprised I had a child because I didn't include her in my Tinder profile photos. Now he won't see me again. 

Here's my story that you can use for Group Therapy Thursday. I truly want to know if I'm offbase or if what I did was common. I'm lost.

After being single for over a year, I got onto Tinder. I met an awesome guy. Who knew? We went on a casual date last weekend to a coffee shop. The two of us were there for a couple of hours. I brought up a story about my daughter. You can’t even imagine the look of fear on his face when I talked about her. He, then, got so mad at me saying that I had deceived him and that I was withholding information about having a daughter – because my Tinder photos didn’t include my daughter.

Did I?


Meridian, ID


It's been awhile since we talked about Tinder and Chris' unsuccessful attempts.

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