Are you seeing the holiday decor hit the shelves and starting to panic about the fact that you don't have a significant other to snuggle by the fire with?

Cuffing Season: The period of time between fall and the dead of winter when people start looking for someone they can spend those long, frigid months with. (source)

Sitting by the fire at the Village at Meridian is so cute and romantic. Those concerts coming to town are more fun with another person. Is your mind all about cuffing season to where you're hyper aware at the club or happy hour? You're right on track.

Don't just take anyone, there's a schedule - a process, if you will.

credit: Tawsha Box
Credit: Tawsha Box


Ladies, there are some guys you'll want to avoid. This is coming from cuffing season experts. Well, it comes from those who have been in your shoes and screwed up, royally.

  1. Quick Husband - Way too quickly, he's calling you baby and talking about future plans that are way past the winter months. He talks about meeting his parents and how many kids he wants.
  2. Moocher - A night in watching Netflix turns into a couple of nights then you're waking up together, coordinating schedules and then he's asking you if you can spot him some money to cover his bills.
  3. Serial Cuffer - He cuffs every season. Including this one. Those girls who are messaging you about also being with your man deserve a little credit. He may be and do you really want to deal with that?
  4. Text Delay - Oh, he has definitely read the text but hasn't taken the time to respond. No need to wait. Just move on. You're basically interviewing people to be with you and this interview isn't going well. He doesn't have the position. Bye.

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