Have you ever watched a crime thriller and thought to yourself "I want to do that! I want to help catch the bad guys!"

Well, the time to fulfill your fantasy of being a crime fighting hero to the people is upon us.

How can you help? It's pretty simple.

Can you identify the totally sus man in this photo?

Boise Police
Boise Police

If so, the good men and women of the Boise Police are asking for your help.

The above photo was taken yesterday, October 10th, in Boise. Apparently, the suspect in question has some connections to recent home break-ins in Boise. On top of that, the would-be criminal was reportedly acting all kinds of suspicious when police first heard reports of him.

Was this another attempt by the suspect to break into a home? Was he simply looking for somewhere to rinse his shoes off, and settled on this random lawn's sprinkler system? Is he playing Pokemon Go? These are the questions we need answers to.

If you recognize the possible perp, contact Boise Police @ 208.377.6790.


We're guessing the suspect above won't be the source of near as many laughs as this story. Recently, Nampa Police had to go on the search for a suspect who is an on-camera pot theif.

That's right. This woman was caught on a doorbell cam straight up yeeting a pot (complete with plant, mind you), and making off with it.

Inside The Internet's Reaction to Nampa Police's 'Pot Search'

A lot of people online had a lot to say about Nampa Police and their investigation into a stolen pot.

Gallery Credit: Credit: Mateo, 103.5 KISS FM

We thought porch pirates were taking Amazon packages and cold drop-offs from food delivery services. While we are pretty loyal to our beautiful potted plants, this lady better absolutely not mess with our Halloween decorations.


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