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We've got another freebie and some extra love for your stay at home quarantine. HBO has just announced that while you're staying at home to please take your binged life to their channel.

We're all looking to binge on something and the choices have skyrocketed. NBCUniversal has just launched its new streaming service and the field is definitely getting crowded. Just don't tell HBO.

You can now watch HBO's favorite shows, movies and documentaries for no charge in the month of April. There is no catch or special people you'll need to call. Just head over to HBO GO or HBO NOW for free access. Take advantage of all this competition and see all the shows you might have missed. Game of Thrones is over but get caught up 🐉Watch Big Little Lies because that might be one of the most powerful female shows I've seen in a long time.

I'll be honest and tell you that Game of Thrones had me for almost 10 years on HBO. I quit since and will head back to watch Ballers with Dwayne Johnson. Let's go!

If anything, you can't go wrong with some gangsta Sopranos 🔥


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