Having grown up with my mom working in the health field, it seems I have always feared either getting sick or getting cavities. This isn't a joke! When I was young, she worked in a private dental office and to this day, I'm proud to be cavity free--though that meant never having any "fun" food in the pantry.  Now, she works for the health district and is just as paranoid about me being sick, as she has always been about my teeth.

Well, her warning over Thanksgiving of "whooping cough" that made me roll my eyes is apparently well warranted. The Central District Health Office is warning Ada County residents to be attentive to their health and any possible symptoms of Whooping Cough. In the last three months, 14 cases have been reported and most of them, in young adults.

Central District Health says that the best way to avoid getting this illness is to get a vaccination. These are available at their offices.

For more on services offered, how to get the immunization, and the Central District Health Department, click HERE.

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