A sweet dog who was found in the Twins Falls area needs your help.

His name is Rusty and he was recently rescued by the Friends Furever Animal Rescue. Volunteers say they were contacted by a good samaritan who was out hunting in the Murtagh area and came across a sweet lab mix who was sitting in a canal. Those who found Rusty could tell he was in immediate need of veterinary help, so he was rushed to Healing Hands Emergency Vet in Twin Falls.

Upon the first examination, it was determined by the vets that he had been stabbed or possibly shot by a practice arrow in the chest. Rusty was stabilized, but then his lungs started filling with fluid since he was pneumothorax and he needed to get to a specialist to save his life. A couple of volunteers transferred Rusty to West Vet here in Boise a couple of days ago where he awaits to have surgery that will save his life.

A gofundme has been set up for Rusty by the Friends Furever Animal Rescue to help cover the estimated cost of his surgery which is between $6,000 - $8,000. As of Tuesday morning, $2,773 has been raised with the goal of $8,000.

Although we may never know what really happened to Rusty and what else he's been through in his little life, animal cruelty is apparent here in Idaho. The Gem State recently ranked as the 6th worst state for animal cruelty for reasons like a low maximum penalty for aggravated cruelty and the fact that animal cruelty is NOT prosecuted as a felony like it is in 48 other states.

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