When it comes to our dogs, most of us tend to spoil our fur babies more than some people spoil their own children – and that’s okay! I’ll admit that as a parent, hearing someone compare raising their fur baby to an actual baby is a little annoying at times, but as a dog owner, I totally get it. People can become so attached to their pets; they create a bond that is very similar to that of a parent a child.

That bond, however, can make the process of traveling without your pet that much more difficult. Whether it’s logistically or emotionally, finding the right people or person to watch your fur child can seem like a daunting task. Maybe you’re not thinking about vacation and instead might be expecting a baby! You’ll need somewhere to have your dog relax for a few days while you welcome your bundle of joy in the hospital. Whatever the circumstance is that is coming up, we’re here to help with the best Yelp-reviewed dog boarding centers for your pet that can keep your mind at ease.

Need a Break from Your Fur Child? Here Are Boise's Best Dog-Sitters

Here are the top five spots for dogs to relax while their humans are away.

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