Marijuana legalization has been a topic of debate in Idaho for some time now. From local initiatives to bills about cannabis-infused sprays being legalized for patients with neurological diseases; it seems the discussion of legalization is everywhere. It’s so easy nowadays to get caught up in the simple “yes or no” of a debate that we often forget to ask: why?

What makes us all human is our individuality. With that individuality, we all have various opinions with different reasons for why we want something to be the way it is. Someone could think of three reasons why they’re for something while another person can think of another four unrelated reasons as to why they’re against it.

In this instance, we took to social media to ask Boiseans why they feel the green stuff should be legal in Idaho. A majority of the responses cited the health benefits while several others mentioned the financial impact it could have on the Treasure Valley.

Boiseans Share Why They Want Weed Legalized in Idaho

We took to social media to ask you why you feel weed should be legal in Idaho. We're sharing the top reasons that include money, health, and more.

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