Leave the deer alone, DEAR! It's not helping our adorable creatures out at all!

If you have ever been to McCall, Idaho you're perfectly familiar with how normal it is to see the deer casually strolling through town. It always makes for a great Instagram moment or an exciting sight for kids and families alike. That is, however, where it should stop. Stop feeding these creatures--it's messing up their natural migration!

All across the country, resort towns like McCall, Idaho have banned the feeding of wildlife in town and rightly so, it totally messes up the migratory patterns of these friendly creatures.

According to city officials in McCall, calls for harmed or dead deer are on the rise and at this point, the friendly animals that everyone loves to see are actually becoming a nuisance.

During the winter months, deer are supposed to migrate downhill--in McCall where the humans are feeding them--they're just hanging out in the city. Where there are deer, there will be predators--like mountain lions. The last thing that the City of McCall needs to deal with is a mountain lion attack in the streets because a deer is looking for the next tourist to hand over some bread and apples.

All of this could possibly be controlled if the City of McCall passes an ordinance that will make feeding these deer illegal. Deer in McCall won't be "evicted" but in a perfect world, according to the Idaho Department of Fish and Game, they will re-acclimate to their innate migratory patterns.

As adorable as they may be, there's some risk involved, too. In 2019, the City of McCall warned residents that there were some aggressive deer in town charging towards walkers. Yikes...

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