With things starting to open back up, I've been looking for ways to get out and get active around our beautiful Idahome. Last weekend I went up into the Sawtooth Mountains for a hike/camp, and this weekend I'm headed to City of Rocks for another adventure!

This will be my first time at the City of Rocks, and I'm so excited because I've heard amazing things! Keke's wife Paige grew up in Oakley, so they've been a lot of times. I'm going to ask her for some recommendations on where there could be good hiking or camping in the area.

If you've been to City of Rocks and know of some secret squirrel spots I could check out, please let me know! Shoot me an email kat@1035kissfmboise.com or DM me on Instagram! @kitkatfisher

I want to check out your spots! And as we head into a summer where it might not be safe or smart to go a ton of places, I'll want to get my adventure and travel in right here in our backyard. Do you have any dope camping or hiking recommendations, that are out of the ordinary? I want to peep the scene! Hit me up and let me know!

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