As a lover of hip-hop myself, coming across a video that is as gold as this is just amazing. Sure we all love to bump our Drake, Young Thug, and Lil Tecca. We appreciate the classics, too. But how often do we think about what people like us were like say two or three decades ago when hitting play on Spotify wasn't an option? Not often, I would assume.

I was scrolling through Facebook this weekend and came across a GEM. This is a news story that aired right here in the Treasure Valley about the hip-hop culture in Nampa, Idaho. All the way back in 1984!

Having grown up in Nampa myself, I'm totally laughing at how crazy this video is. The verbiage is interesting, noting that the break dancing that goes along with "hip hop" can happen "anywhere and anytime" -- WATCH OUT HOMIES!

"When is the last time you saw someone squaredance, disco, or do the two step on a street corner", the reporter continues. The footage of Nampa in the 80's is great and I can TOTALLY recognize where this is at. Does anyone in Nampa recognize that old Paul's grocery store in the background? Unfortunately, that little store is closed now. I also enjoy the casual reference of "heavily hispanic Canyon County"-- VIVA!  Way to spearhead the culture, Latinos!


Check this video out for yourself, HERE!



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