BRAKING || This is one for the after-the-fact "wavers." Motorists cannot stop or slow down without signaling the driver of a vehicle immediately to their rear when an opportunity to do so is safe and possible.



IDAHO STOP LAW || According to this road regulation:

  • bicyclists are permitted to regard stop signs as yield signs and red lights as stop signs;
  • cyclists rolling through intersections with stop signs are responsible for clearing the intersection prior to passing;
  • and bicyclists must stop at red lights, however, they can pass when it's clear to do so.



SCHOOL BUS LAW || As the traditional schoolyear comes to a close, it's important to remember that school buses are in use throughout summer for camps, clubs, year-round schools, faith groups, and sports teams. For a comprehensive overview of Idaho school bus laws, click on "school bus law."



YELLOW LIGHTS || When an Idaho vehicle's bumper enters an intersection before the traffic light turns red, the "Permissive Yellow Light Law" permits vehicles to pass through.



HORSEBACK RIDERS || Horseback riders are permitted to use most public roads. They also have the same rights as motorists. This means horses must obey stop signs and stop lights, as well as turn signals, and riders must signal their intent to turn prior to doing so.



RADAR DETECTORS || Deemed legal for personal use in Idaho, radar detectors and laser jammers cannot be used in commercial vehicles.



HOUSE BILL 132 || To legally pass another vehicle on a two-lane roadway:

  • a driver must be driving a regular car, a motorcycle, or a truck that's not towing;
  • the vehicle you're passing must be driving under the posted speed limit;
  • and where the posted speed limit is up to 55-miles or more, drivers can speed up to 15 miles over the speed limit to pass.
      • The law doesn't apply in adverse weather conditions or in construction zones.

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