Homes are expensive in Idaho. More expensive than ever. Talking about it at this point is beating a dead horse.

Actually, it's more like finding a horse, raising it, it dies, you beat it, you somehow bring it back to life through necromancy, it dies again, then you beat it some more. It's that annoying now.

Fine. Houses are expensive. The question is, are we making enough money in Idaho to afford them? We have answers.

On average, per capita income in the United States currently sits around $64,000 per year. That may be a lot to some, or a small amount to others, but that's the average amount of money adults in America take home annually.

If that didn't seem like enough money to you, you're not going to like what we have to say next.

Idaho's typical take-home pay is less than the national average. Much less, unfortunately.

After doing some quick math, you'll find the average Idahoan brings home $55,000 per year, that's about $9,000 less than the U.S.'s overall average. Just as bad, Idaho is 39th in the country for average annual pay.

Now that we have that out of the way, let's put a few facts together:

  • Homes in Idaho are more expensive than ever with no signs of decreasing anytime soon
  • Idahoans on average make less money on average than most Americans

Well great. That's like putting two rabid weasles in a sack and hoping they'll become best friends and start a life together. In other words, it's not great news for the Gem State.

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