$108 billion dollars will be spent on gaming in 2017. How does the Treasure Valley stack up when you put fellow gamers head to head?

Before you blow this off as "Meh, video games are just for kids" know this: Half of gamers in the U.S. are adults, and about 66% of households have at least one gamer at home. So, there's a lot of us out there, Boise included. Wallethub.com ranked the top 100 cities in the country based on Gaming EnviornmentInternet Quality & Coverage, and Gamer & Developer Opportunities. How did Boise fare?

We fell almost right in the middle at #66. Which, considering Boise is almost the smallest of the 100 cities on the list, is actually really impressive! Still don't believe us? Try to go into any game store, or really any store for that matter, and try to buy a Nintendo Switch. They're continuing to sell out across the country, including Boise. Luckily, we have the hook up!

The Secret Sound is back, and it can win you a brand new Nintendo Switch!

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