The status of your relationship (or lack thereof) determines the amount of money that should be spent on a date. We have the breakdown. 

Elite Daily saves the day. Again. How do you know how much to spend on someone if you just met? What about someone you've been with for a long time?


  • What to do: Drinks and a simple night out.
  • Where to go: Maybe you can grab a coffee martini at Amsterdam and chill there for the night. From there, you can decide what's next. Be sure to have an "out" or great excuse if things don't go the direction you want them to.
  • Total cost: $50


  • What to do: A comedy show, live indy artist performance.
  • Where to go: There's a romantic comedy night at Playhouse Boise that you could check out. The later show is geared toward adults.
  • Total cost: $75


  • What to do: Go to a concert (perhaps Chance the Rapper) or event you both have been talking about.
  • Where to go: Just walk around downtown and stop in anywhere you hear live music.
  • Total cost:


  • What to do: Weekend getaway where you spend a couple of days in a cabin and relax near the fire or drink some bubbly in the hot tub.
  • Where to go: McCall is a great start.
  • Total cost: $300


  • What to do: Dinner and a movie (either at home where you cook together or out to a fancy place).
  • Where to go: Grab sushi, pasta or to Albertson's where you can swoop through the deli area and grab the pre-cut and pre-made items.
  • Total cost: Make it what you want


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