It's the ultimate question single men want answers to, things your mom asks her friends and the biggest wonder of the world. Why do you accept that bad guy back into your life every time he cheats on you?

I've been watching my co-worker go through this and it's interesting because we discuss every relationship she's been in (not saying this guy is bad). So, what gives?

I remember in high school always wondering how that bad football player always got the girls. It took me a while as life went on to discover some very simple reasons why you keep walking yourself into that wall. Let's take our call today.

Erin in Nampa called in with a serious question that she answered in the first three minutes without even knowing it. I could post all of the ways this guy was destroying her life but you would immediately figure out the answer. Just leave him. Don't look back. You deserve so much better Erin! Well, then easy right? No.

Couple In Bed With Cheating Man Texting On Smartphone
Husband texting with a smartphone and sending a message to his lover while his wife is still sleeping

Nobody will love me as he does 💔

I think we should start here because I hear it all the time. What makes you think that this guy your dating who by the way treats his pets better than you will be your forever after? It's hilarious how we all fall right into this same trap. I'm sure your parents think he's an idiot, best friends are confused why he's gotten so many chances and co-workers have given up trying to talk sense into you.

Let's shut this door quickly. There are several men and women that will treat you 10 times better than him. It comes down to self-worth. How much do you value yourself? Let me guess, "Nobody will love you the way he does." Please don't use that excuse anymore because most people would treat you better than that guy. You know that already. Let's talk about facts. No person will treat you like crap unless you let them. I'm sorry to say this falls on you. That's the truth. If you look the other way so will he and for other girls.

  1. "Keke he cheated on my three times in the last year and I thought we were on the right path." Are you serious right now? You kept him after the first time he cheated? Why do you think he did it a few more times? Let that dude go. Turn around and never look back. Close the door. That's it. No more cheating now.
  2. "He tells me how hot I am and everything is great in bed Keke. Then I might not hear from him for a few days and when I do see him - he's always on his phone. I'm confused." Really? What's confusing about it. You've become a chill person without the Netflix portion. He just wants his cake but nobody else can have it. No way. Change the locks girl and shut that down. I guarantee he'll come crying back and you'll need to be strong because all of a sudden you'll get that attention you wanted. Just don't take the bait because it's just a temporary situation. Trust me.
  3. "Okay guys, my guy is married and yes it's bad I know. He's told me he's going to get the divorce but she just won't let go so it's been a struggle. That was 18 months ago Keke...I'm still waiting." Guess what will be waiting forever because they never leave the wife. I'm sorry. It sucks. I know. Just understand a cheater with a family 9 times out of 10 isn't leaving it all for you. Trust me. Leave.
  4. "Look, I'm just working so much and my career takes so much of my time so..." Do you know what that quote means? I just want you when I am ready but no real commitment. By the way, he probably just wants you for himself so get ready. If you just said, "I get it, me too. I'm just not looking for a booty call so I'll see you around." Trust me he will say cool and then text you later. You need to show your no idiot and he needs to come correct if he's going to meet up with you. Trust me. That's gold.

Just remember that we use every line in the book to shift the odds in our favor. Understand that part. Also, you hold the cards. This only works if you are down to take it further so be smart. Make that guy show you some respect and he will wait for you. Trust me when I say none of the guys I know are looking for a woman that is willing to lose her identity over him. We want independent women that don't sit around waiting for us. If you become that person expect to be treated like that.

Lastly, look at what's going on in the world right now. Isn't life complicated enough? Don't let some worthless wast of your time write the next chapter of your autobiography. This is your life. Time to be happy again 😉


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