WWE Live is coming back to Boise this September, and we've got your tickets!

If you want to work for WWE, here's the best way not to do it.

Back in 2012, way before I landed my job at 103.5 KISS FM, I decided to try to branch out from radio. A good friend of mine, Jason Ayers, is a referee for WWE. He messaged me and let me know what WWE was hiring for a backstage correspondent. I immediately jumped at the opportunity and sent in a tryout video. A terrible, cringy, heaping garbage pile of a video.

The only stipulation was you had to read two scripts provided by the WWE. However, I knew just simply reading through two scripts wouldn't get me the gig. So, to look professional, I donned my nicest sport coat, a wife beater, two necklaces, and a terribly smug look on my face. I shot the video in my then apartment, and for some reason pointed all the lights directly at the camera (which is the wrong thing to do by the way.)

If you can sit through this entire :90 video without once wincing at my awkwardness, you're a bigger than than I am. Sad to say, WWE never returned my calls about the job opening.



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