Tonight's Powerball jackpot is the third largest in history.

Here's a few tips to get you one step closer to almost a billion dollars.

The Balance put together a list of some helpful hints that could mean the difference between winning a truckload of money, and coming up short. Obviously, there is no "winning formula" to winning the Powerball, but these tips will definitely help you get closer to winning:


Join An Office Lottery Pool

More people playing means a better chance to win, right? It's basic math. Sure you'll have to split your winnings, but splitting a lot of money is better than keeping zero money. Worried about how to do it fairly? You're covered.


Double-Check Your Numbers

Put a reminder in your phone, write it on your calendar, but be sure to not throw away your tickets. If you missed the winning numbers, be sure to take your ticket(s) in to where you bought them to be sure you didn't miss any big payout.


Their Loss, Your Gain

If you find a thrown out lottery ticket, and it's not signed, you could win with it. Especially if the game in question has a "Second Chance" winning opportunity.


John Hancock Your Tickets

Sign your tickets! Even before you check the numbers, sign your name on the back. This'll help prove that the ticket is indeed yours when collecting winnings or if you lose your ticket. The Balance also says to never hand your ticket to a cleck when checking for winnings. Always scan the tickets yourself to be 100% sure nothing is being tampered with.


Watch Your Back

There are a lot of lottery scams out there. The Balance has an in-depth list of what to watch out for.


Happy gambling, and good luck! $700,000,000 would buy a lot of Gatorade.

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