In decades to come, we may be asking each other: "where were you during the 2020 mid-pandemic Boise earthquake?".. we probably will be talking more about the world-stopping pandemic, but still, the quake will make it into the conversation.

Where were YOU when it happened? Keke and I took calls the following morning, and spoke to people who were on the toilet when it happened, in the middle of laundry, still working from home, ya know, things people do during a shelter-in-place order.

Me? Yeah.. I missed it completely. Prior to the quake, I'd been self-isolating at home for nearly two weeks while waiting for COVID-19 results to come in. It took 11 days to get my negative results. They came in the afternoon before the quake. So once I knew I could actually leave my house to practice social distance during an outside run, I went for it.

Six miles on the greenbelt, just loving life. Loving the fresh air. Loving seeing nature. I had no idea that the quake even happened until I got home, almost an hour after the 6.5 earthquake AND the aftershocks. I never felt a thing.

I'm still pretty bummed that the first time I left my house in two weeks, led to me missing the biggest earthquake to hit Idaho in nearly four decades. I guess you win some, you lose some.

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