We all like our food 'hand made', right? I mean, there's no need to rely on processed, factory made foods when a nice, hand made/home made meal could be on the plate in front of you.

After picking up a new car out in Ontario with Mikey over the weekend, we were STARVING for some tacos in the afternoon and we wanted the GOOD stuff. I have a friend that lives out in Caldwell and since one of my favorite spots out there isn't open on the weekends, we decided to check out 'Amano' which I have seen all over social media and have heard great things about.  Amano is located over in Indian Creek Plaza in downtown Caldwell, a relatively recent development that continues to grow.

As we pulled up, there were kids hanging out and playing, the Caldwell Police were out shaking hands and meeting folks-- the vibe was GREAT.

We walked into Amano and were greeted by an awesome staff inside of a super trendy and clean restaurant-- the music was on point and the vibe just felt modern. If you grew up in a Hispanic household like Mikey and I, you would instantly recognize that the drink menu was designed after the game 'Loteria'. Attention to detail was CLEAR in Amano...and that includes when it came to the food, as well.

Mikey and I dove into some Carne Asada and some Shrimp tacos. The Chips and Guac to start were unique and delicious. I have no idea what's in the house-made sauce that went on the shrimp tacos but I love a hot sauce that makes me sweat-- Amano made me sweat in the best way possible! Amano, or 'by hand' isn't just the name of the restaurant-- it's how they get down over there! The handmade tortillas were fresh and delicious which made it feel like I was just eating at a good friend's home and not a restaurant.

Between the creative craft cocktails and the crazy good, gourmet taco selection, I give Amano in Caldwell MAJOR PROPS.

I'm all about keeping it local and seeing a local business that hasn't even been open for a full year like this thrive is my favorite thing ever.

Know of a local business (or, yes, even a taco spot) that I need to check out? Let me know where to go next!


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