Marriage is a complicated thing. I have been married, and divorced and can honestly say, neither is for the weary. Marriage is hard, divorce can be harder. Everything of course is circumstantial. Many stay happily married for years and years, others stay in unhappy marriages for various reasons. Many divorce and may remarry again and maybe even a third time. It is more unusually to find those who bounce from marriage to marriage as freely as to stack up 5 to 6 ex husbands or ex wives. Some however take it to a whole new level.

There is a new TLC reality show called "Addicted to Marriage." Admittedly I am not big on reality shows, sure I may catch an episode of one here or there but usually not my thing. This one however got me, especially since two of the featured women live in our area.

Amy, who has been married and divorced 4 times living in Idaho with her daughter and 3 year boyfriend. Will he be marriage number 5?

Monette currently lives in Utah and was raised LDS. Her first marriage happened right after high school and lasted 10 years. Since then, she has divorced and married 10 more times, bringing here total marriages to 11. Two of the marriages were repeat marriages. She says she has been proposed to 28 times! Each time fully thinking and hoping that this was 'the one.' So far it hasn't turned out that way.

Monette told Insider that she decided to do the show to help give fellow divorcees visibility and let them know it is ok to move on. Monette also "told Insider, she hasn't learned much about men from her 11 marriages, but she has learned a lot about herself. She said she's noticed she has more patience than ever before, and knows she needs to date men who can work through their jealousy."

She is currently dating a man, lucky number 12 perhaps, named John.

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