The snow hasn't impacted us so much here on the Treasure Valley floor this winter, however, up in the mountains, it's been a different story. Recently, a stretch of Idaho 21 heading to Lowman and Stanley was closed due to an avalanche.

According to Idaho Statesman, Highway 21 was "buried under more than 50 feet of snow." So, how the heck does all that snow get cleared off the road? Well, manpower, that's how. Crews with the Idaho Transportation Department began digging out the road 10 days ago on March 2. A week later on March 8, ITD had cleared about 5 miles of the 11-mile closure.

Before the crews could get started with the clearing efforts, the ITD had to first use explosives to make sure the snow wouldn't slide any further. According to the Statesman, it did, so they have to tackle it "layer by layer."

Crews are using big machinery to clear the narrow road so that travelers could get through, and the task looks daunting. The Transportation Department shared a video to show just how hard it is!

ITD is hoping people not only stay away from the highway, but also are urging people not to partake in any snowmobile, skiing, snowboarding activities and even avoid flying drones in the area.

There haven't been any updates from ITD about the conditions of highway 21 since March 8, so we'll keep you posted once the road is clear! But, in the meantime please stay away from the area.

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