The state of Idaho currently has 265 towns and cities, ranging in size from the smallest town (Peck, population 201) to the largest city (Boise, population ~462,000). 

It goes without saying that a city as large as Boise certainly has many amenities and a constant number of fun activities for its residents to do. 

Comparing a town as little as Peck to one as large as Boise would be like comparing apples to oranges, to say the very least.


However, Peck wasn’t recently named the most boring city in Idaho… 

In fact, according to a recent report by HomeSnacks, the city that now holds this unfortunate title is a town that’s a mere 25 minutes away from Boise – none other than Kuna, Idaho. 

And I must say, I’ve got a bit of a bone to pick.


Perhaps I’m feeling a little indignant because I myself grew up in Kuna, and I thought it was a great place to live… or perhaps I’m in denial, and I’m hoping that it wasn’t really that bad

But either way, I simply do not think that out of all the towns in Idaho, Kuna is the most boring. 


For starters, it’s so close to bigger cities such as Meridian, Nampa and Boise, so even if there’s not much to do in town, it’s only a short drive to these other places.

But furthermore, Kuna has a lot of endearing quirks and there’s actually quite a bit of fun activities to do in town, which I think makes it a pretty neat place to live!

So basically, I disagree with the fact that it’s boring, and here’s why:

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