It was hopeful news this morning that was everywhere: a major drug company, Pfizer, shared that they believe their COVID-19 vaccine trials have proven 90% success.

It's obvious to us all that what was once a global health emergency quickly became a partisan, political play toy.  We've been finding ourselves watching two sides of the political aisle fight while many of us forgot that in the background, scientists all across the globe have been working tirelessly to find a vaccine and more for this virus that has brought havoc to live as we know it.

If Idaho were to take an early distribution of a vaccine, it would get providers here in the Gem State about 24 to 48 hours earlier than planned. The reason for the encouragement is that the CDC is currently asking every state in the country if they would want the early distribution.  Governor Brad Little will be the one to make the final decision for Idaho.

Once available, the vaccine will be given out with priority to healthcare workers, essential workers, older adults and those with high-risk conditions.


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