Idahoans love Idaho. That's no secret. If you love Idaho, do you know some of Idaho's biggest secrets?

The Gem State has been around since 1890, so there's a lot to know. From potatoes to the official state horse (yes, that's a thing,) here's some neat stuff you may not know about Idaho:



The word "potato" first appeared on an Idaho license plate way back in 1928. The "Famous Potatoes" plate began production in 1958.



Things Other Than Potatoes


Yes, Idaho produces more potatoes than anyone else. That's not all. We also lead in production of trout, Austrian winter peas, and lentils.



Official Bird

The official bird of Idaho is the Moutain Bluebird.



Official Horse

Yup! Idaho has an official horse. It's the Appaloosa.



Official Fruit

We're not going to list Idaho's official vegetable. That's too easy. Our official fruit? The huckleberry.



America's Deepest River Gorge

The Grand Cayon may be more famous, but at 7,900 feet deep, Hell's Canyon is significantly deeper (or taller, depending on how you look at it) than the Grand Canyon.



Rivers On Rivers On Rivers

Michelle Heart/TSM Boise

Idaho is home to more rivers than any other state, at least as far as distance goes. We have over 3,100 miles of rivers in our fair state.



Hot Hot Capitol

Idaho's State House stays warm year round, thanks to heating courtesy of geothermal heat from underground hot springs.



I Want This **** Forever Man

Christopher Polk / Getty

We Idahoans have our own official state motto. "Esto Perpetua," which translates to "It is forever."