Life right now is feeling a little unprecedented-- what we have known as "normal" simply isn't anymore. All of the things-- services, businesses, activities, even RELATIONSHIPS, that we have loved and taken for granted are all a little disrupted right now.

One message I have seen more and more of, is a message of hope to those graduating this year. Graduation of both high school and college were such special moments for my family and I-- I can't imagine just NOT being able to celebrate with them after years of looking forward to that moment.

On Friday night, high schools here in the Treasure Valley found ways to honor their seniors.

For twenty minutes on Friday night, several schools including my alma mater, Bishop Kelly, lit up their stadium lights to honor seniors and student athletes who likely won't be wearing their jersey again or walking across a stage.

"We just waned to celebrate these kids", Bishop Kelly football coach Tim Brennan told

The #BeTheLight campaign was one that swept the nation and Bishop Kelly was just one area school to participate. Middleton High School, Sugar-Salem High School, Highland High School, Century High School, and Sandpoint High School also took part.



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