Like it or not, Taylor Swift is (arguably) the most popular and talked-about person on planet Earth at the moment.

She was named Time Magazine's Person Of The Year for 2023, sold out arenas with yet another successful tour, and she just announced her new album that drops in only a couple weeks.

You don't have to like her. But you gotta admit, Taylor's making some moves. And that's why this statistic is so mind boggling:

Idaho came in at #25 on a list of the top 30 most Taylor Swift-obsessed states.

First of all, we're embarrassed. We truly thought Idaho loves Taylor Swift, and every single Idahoan would voluntarily call themselves a Swiftie. Alas, no. Idaho sits right in the middle of the country when it comes to how many people are interested in Taylor Swift.

Now this study clearly isn't the end-all tell-all of Swifties. It's based on 2023 searches online for Taylor Swift, by state. Idahoans looked up Taylor just under 286,000 times last year.

Surprisingly, the state with the most searches for Taylor Swift was Florida. Those Floridians looked up Taylor over five million times. Yes, Florida is 17 times more obsessed with Taylor Swift than Idaho is. We can't believe we're saying this, but we're actually...jealous of Florida? That feels so wrong.

What do you think? Is Idaho red hot for Taylor Swift, or are the numbers telling the true story of an Idaho that only kinda sorta cares about Taylor?


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We promise!

Gallery Credit: Chris Cruise // Townsquare Media

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