If you live in Idaho, you've probably noticed that you have more new neighbors than you used to. Mathematically, that's a factual statement. But does it feel to you like Idaho is growing even faster than people are saying? You may be on to something...

While some Idahoans are deciding to up and leave for greener pastures, the Gem State is currently experiencing an influx of people like never before. More than any other state, to be more specific.

In 2021, approximately 53,000 new residents relocated to Idaho. That's a population increase of almost three percent. This may not sound like a huge uptick, but that's only in one calendar year, and considering Washington's number was less than 1%, it gives you an idea of how quickly Idaho is booming.

Why? One new Idaho resident gave their reasoning, and we're finding it hard to disagree:

I feel like people here are a lot friendlier (in Idaho). It just seems like you never meet a stranger and people open up to you.

It's not all doom and gloom growth, to be clear. Clearwater County actually decreased it's population somehow, losing about 0.3% of their residents in 2021.

What's your take? Do you really feel like Idaho is growing like a weed, or is it just being sensationalized in the news? We're well aware that traffic is worse and housing prices are insane, but is that the case in your corner of the Gem State?

Jump on Facebook and let us know! We're curious to see what folks across the state have to say.

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