I know that after a really intense 2020 and a full blown election cycle, we're all tired...and I mean TIRED of politics. A bipartisan discussion happening right here in Idaho at the State Capitol, however, came as a breath of fresh air this afternoon and I wanted to share this.

Leading up to the November election, as I am sure you remember, the climate here in the Treasure Valley was less than ideal. Activists were getting LOUD--be it about COVID, the national election, and more.  One story called for some major reactions across the political spectrum, however. Protestors began taking to elected officials' homes.

As this began to unfold, I posed the question here at 1035kissfmboise.com to the folks partaking: is this really moving the needle?

Temperatures were raised even more when a Central District Health meeting had to be canceled because of protestors outside of the home of then Ada County Commissioner Diana Lachiondo where her son was home alone.

The ability to assemble and speak for what we believe in is such a privilege--but using that to disturb ANY elected official outside of their home--their sanctuary and personal space, has never felt right.

A bill being drafted by Republican Greg Chaney of Caldwell and Democrat Brooke Green of Boise hopes to protect the privacy of anyone's home--no matter their chosen profession. This would prohibit demonstrations outside of homes of elected officials, police officers, bad radio DJ's, and others with the intent to annoy or harass.

This only applies to HOMES. Not offices or places of work.

I think everyone should be cool with this move, but we'll keep you posted as hopefully, this comes to fruition.

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