I'm hearing people discuss how to go viral on social media. There are so many teams that plan these out and it's extremely difficult because things that go viral aren't planned. Sometimes it's a simple as the right thing at the right time.

Boise is about to see more national exposure all because of a sweet puppy and parrot that lasted just seconds. A parrot from Idaho named "Sweet Pea" just hit the 24 million mark of views for saying, "I love you" to her pet puppy. The internet is melting.

Wendy Albright from Boise posted a video of her sweet parrot loving on their little puppy. I can't tell which part is the cutest because it's about perfect. I'm not sure if you've ever held a parrot or owned one. We had a Double Yellow Headed Parrot and she was our Spotify growing up. This Parrot would repeat almost everything and sing throughout the house.

I think the best part of this video is a bird softly clawing at the puppy's ear and then she say's, "I love you."


@theparrotlady SP Meets Puppy #puppy #puppytiktok #fyp #lab #cute #cockatoo #parrot #baby #love♬ original sound - The Parrot Lady

This reminds me of our friend Nathan Apodaca cruising on his skateboard, drinking some Ocean Spray Cranberry juice, and just living carefree. It's the simple smiles we go for and the admiration of love the catches us. Toss in a sleeping puppy and singing parrot for the cherry on top. Demi Lovato even loves her some "Sweet Pea".

I immediately started stalking and came across another duo.

KTVB did an interview with that was pretty awesome. What a great Monday wake-up especially after the crazy storm that we had earlier Monday morning.

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