it's assumed you're from the 208, right? Well, you can be from the 208 and from the 986 and both are talking about the same place. Get yourself ready to dial 10 digits for a phone number because we're about to gain a new area code within a month. 


It's not a huge change, it's just a change. You'll have to dial 208 or 986 when making a phone call to another Idahoan. Let's not assume they are in the 208 area code. I can see it now... the shirts, hats, bags and all sorts of new apparel with the 986 area code stretched across the front.


What does this all mean? It means we're hitting the big time. Our state is growing and it's no joke. So many people are coming here and settling down to the point where they change their phone number to match the state area code.


Starting August 5th (add this to the calendar), you'll need to dial 208 before you call someone. With the exception of 911 and 411. Those numbers remain the same. One month after we get into a groove of dialing the 10-digit phone numbers (let's be real, they are in our phones already), the new area code will be released.


The only thing I can think about right now is who will get the final 208 phone number before the switch is made. We ran out, didn't we?

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