Do I fish? No. Do I like money? Yes.

What do the two have to do with each other? There's a $1,000 fish swimming around somewhere in our midst and I need to catch that thing!

This is not a drill and it's a pretty crazy concept. This month and this month only, Idaho Power is going to be releasing 78,000 rainbow trout into the Idaho waters and catching one of them could make your bank account balance go up by $1,000!

Here's what you NEED to catch: a rainbow trout with a metal jaw tag. Turn that tag in and you're in a drawing for $1,000.

The lionshare of these fish-- 52,000 of them--will be going into C.J. Strike Reservoir. A smaller portion--4,000--will be going into Centennial Park, which is towards Twin Falls. The remaining will be released in the American Falls Reservoir.

If you catch a rainbow trout with one of these metal jaw tags, you're asked to call the toll free number set up: 1-800-388-6011

If you're like me and don't fish for fun...maybe it's time to fish for a reward! I mean, it's basically like casting a line for some cold hard cash. That $1,000 could make a real difference when it comes time to Christmas gift shop!

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