Once every two years, Idahoans have an opportunity to send a message to their local officials. The Idaho Republican Party Primary will be held on May 17th. Yes, the Democrats will be holding their statewide primaries as well; However, it doesn't matter; the Democrats do not appear to have recruited any legitimate threats to the Republican supermajority.

For two years, we've heard nonstop critics of how the government overreached during Covid, the governor abused his powers, and the legislature did nothing while all this happened. As former President Barack Obama said, 'elections have consequences.' Or do they?

The voters will decide if the government went too far in handling Covid. The time for inflammatory rhetoric is over, and the time for accountability. Common sense would dictate this election will reflect how well the state is doing economically.

The governor and his supporters proudly report that Idaho is the fastest-growing state in the nation, has a two billion dollar surplus, and is the least regulated state in the union. Are those statements strong enough to convince voters that they should stay the course?

Other Republicans have told us for the last two years that the governor has usurped the power of the state constitution. Some have called his leadership criminal. If the governor's leadership was criminal and he wasn't charged, does that mean the legislative and judicial branches were complicit?

The time for talking is over, and we will soon be counting the votes. The outcome will reflect the old saying, 'that actions are indeed louder than words.'

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