While it'll most likely end in some kind of disagreement, if you ask 100 people what to do about the U.S.-Mexican border, you're going to get 100 passionate answers.

Unsurprisingly, that's also the case with lawmakers right here in the Gem State. Late last week, Idaho Republican Legislators met with law enforcement to discuss what to do about employment of undocumented workers crossing the border from Mexico.

Kieran Donahue, Canyon County Sheriff, thinks that Idaho should be sending help down to assist at the southern border:

We do need to assist states like Texas, states like Arizona, states like New Mexico. We can and should send troops down, whether it’s National Guard troops or whether it’s state troopers … because it augments as a force multiplier.


Republican Representative Jacyn Gallagher recently visited the border, but wanted to reassure you that it most defintely wasn't on your dime:

My trip was not taxpayer funded. I wanted to see it for myself. I was appalled and disgusted with what I saw.


It should be noted that there was no one at said meeting representing employers, immigrants, or refugees.

Other topics discussed along with border policies were increasing police's right to search someone who's on parole or probation, as well as increasing the punishment for a drug dealer who sells someone fentanyl and then passes away from a drug overdose.

So, what is the solution? Should we send every active Idaho military member to the southern border to iron things out? Let's connect and see what you have to say.


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