In a move that we called for yesterday, the state of Idaho has decided that two Russian vodkas will not be sold at Idaho State Liquor stores. The removal of the two brands is in response to Russia's invasion of Ukraine. Idaho liquor stores are booting Russian Standard, and Beluga Vodka reports KXLY television.

Popular Russian Vodka Brands You Might See in Idaho

When it comes to vodka in the State of Idaho, there are a lot of great options including many that are made right here in the state. Some of these options are even based from our special, Idaho-grown potatoes. There are plenty of Russian-made vodkas available, as well.

The decision was made by the Idaho State Liquor Division and Governor Brad Little. Although, some Idahoans believe that cutting off the Russian Vodka is nothing more than a symbolic gesture. Russia is facing international sanctions as the world responds to its invasion of Ukraine. As we reported here, several states across the country have begun to distance themselves from Russian investments.  


KTVB reported yesterday that the Idaho Legislature is working on legislation to divest the 8.3 million dollars that Persi has invested in the Ruble. Republicans and Democrats support the bill. Several states continue to work on freeing their relationships from Mother Russia. 

Boise bars started pulling Russian Vodka from their shelves last weekend. USA Today reported that sports leagues, airlines, and the National Hockey League are now banning Russian partnerships.  The entire world is now unified in condemning the Russian invasion.  

Could Idaho benefit from the departure of Russian booze?  Several Idaho-based vodka makers have geared up their production in hope of increased market share.  Here is a link to some of the best Idaho-made vodka.

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