An Eastern Idaho high school recently made the news for doing something that is seen as pretty revolutionary…

But it has us thinking:

ALL schools should be doing this exact same thing. Like, yesterday.




What is it that they did, you might ask?

Madison High School in Rexburg, Idaho installed feminine hygiene dispensers into their school, so that students who have periods can receive free menstrual products.

This movement is addressing the issue of period poverty within Idaho, something that is severely overlooked and underrepresented. 


What is period poverty?

According to the Boise Period Project, 1 in 4 menstruators have “struggled to purchase period products in the past year due to lack of income."



Why should every school install free dispensers?

Students shouldn’t have to miss school because of their periods, because of their inability to afford menstrual products.

Students shouldn’t have to be forced to ask a teacher, school nurse or other students for tampons or pads. 

Students who menstruate should be able to receive help without shame or embarrassment. 

This should be the general standard and the bare minimum, not something that makes the news because of how rare of an occurrence it is.


Idaho: we need to do better.

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