A turn of unfortunate events in the Treasure Valley has resulted in damages to the Idaho State Capitol in downtown Boise overnight.

Just a day after THOUSANDS gathered on the steps peacefully, a late Wednesday night protest which brought out significantly fewer people ended up being what sparked the damages.

I have seen photos all over social media this morning of blue spray paint on the front of the building-- from the photos I have seen, there are messages such as "Our System is Corrupt" as well as some phallic drawings.

At this time, we are unsure if anyone has been charged or found as the culprit of this damage, but regardless, it's unfortunate to see.

It cannot be stressed enough that while we have no idea if the suspect(s) were in the crowd for Tuesday nights major gathering, last nights actions had nothing to do with that successful, peaceful, organized event.


UPDATE: 18-year-old Deisy Heatherly has been charged with feony malicious injury to property. 


See the full story and some photos of the damage, HERE.


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