I am a HUGE fan of police chase videos and body cam footage. Is that weird? Yes, yes it is. But you cannot tell me that with the huge boom in true-crime podcasts and documentaries on ALL streaming platforms, that I am alone. When I was in college, one of my professors was a detective and would always show us retired interrogation or body cam footage. It's so fascinating, watching the mind of a criminal. At least, it is to me.

So, get this REAL Idaho crime story--video included.

Up north in Cocolalla, Idaho (yeah, it's a real town) troopers from the Idaho State Police department were in pursuit of 44 year-old Spokane man Jacob Cunningham. Along the way, the suspect actually hit one of the police cars and eventually stopped down, got out of the vehicle, and ran. While he was running, he attempted to get into a Jeep that was pulled over on the side of the highway.

Call it an episode of COPS or a trailer from Grand Theft Auto: Idaho Edition-- this is ridiculous.

When the suspect couldn't successfully carjack the pulled over Jeep, he continued to run into the lake--where eventually, the water got far too deep and the police officers were able to bring him to shore and arrest him.

The story itself is crazy but the video is pretty priceless to. Check out his face as he looks back at the cops--seemingly right into dashcam of the patrol car. Some people's kids, man.

Check out the video yourself, BELOW;

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