Although the weather has been dreary and it seems like summer is still so far away, Idahoans are ecstatic to learn that this popular theme park is about to reopen its doors. 

Silverwood Theme Park officially announced that they will be opening on April 30, and tickets are on sale through the 22nd. 



What is Silverwood?

We were shocked to discover that many locals didn’t know what Silverwood Theme Park was!

Facebook/Silverwood Theme Park
Facebook/Silverwood Theme Park


This park is located in northern Idaho, near the town of Coeur d’Alene (roughly 7 & ½ hours away). 

It has been around for almost 34 years, and it is currently the largest theme and water park in the Northwest, with more than 70 rides, shows, slides and attractions. 

They will officially open next weekend on April 30, but it will only be open on weekends through the end of May. After that, it will be open every day of the week, as well as Boulder Beach (the water park).


Is it worth the drive?

We’d argue that the drive alone makes this trip worthwhile because of the breathtaking scenic views, and the fact that this unique park is located right here in Idaho!

Facebook/Silverwood Theme Park
Facebook/Silverwood Theme Park


Also, it’s just outside of Coeur d’Alene, which has incredible hiking and biking trails, local boutiques for shopping, waterfront views and incredible restaurants.

Especially if you've never been, we would 10/10 recommend it, because it feels like a whole different world entirely up there.


So, should you travel to Silverwood? Absolutely.

We would argue that it's better than Lagoon in Utah, because it’s affordable, it’s ridiculously fun and it’s local. Win win win.

We'll see you there!

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