Shoshone Falls has been on my list of things to see since moving here to Boise (six months ago this last weekend!!). My digital guy, Daniel, and I took the couple hour trip to Twin Falls on Saturday to see the falls. It warmed up a lot over the past week, so snow is melting and the falls were raging.

The drive to Twin wasn't bad, especially with a Dutch Bros. coffee and my updated Friday Faves playlist. Shoshone Falls was majorly worth the drive. Look how beautiful this was with the rainbow!!


Being our digital guy, Daniel is a pretty good photographer. My social media has been lacking lately due to not having my most trusted girlfriends around to take 87 pix of me to get one single one I like, so I was pleasantly surprised to get some good shots.


I filtered this one on vsco, but peep "the Niagara Falls of the West"! I went to Niagara last February and actually enjoyed Shoshone way more. Niagara was a complete tourist trap, which is sad to see. You go one block off of the falls and it's literal Vegas. Casinos, chain restaurants, arcades, a ferris wheel, flashing lights.. it was gross.

I love Vegas, but I don't want Vegas next to my nature trip. Shoshone Falls is beautiful and I'm glad it's preserved the way it is. 10/10 will be visiting again!


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