Raindrops on Forsythia, and whiskers on fur babes. Freak Alley visits tagged up on our Facebooks. These are a few of our favorite...Idaho F-Words.


Faith. Whether He's referred to as the Man Upstairs or the Almighty, Idaho believers have a reputation for loving the Lord and upholding the tenets of religious freedom. Public prayer is highly common and widely accepted here, and that's a beautiful thing for many.


Founding Fathers. Nationwide and especially in Idaho, all roads lead to George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, John Adams, Benjamin Franklin, Alexander Hamilton, John Jay and James Madison are seven patriots Idaho's patriot community respects.


Freedom. Idaho natives and newcomers alike adore Gem State living for the freedom it affords and safeguards its residents with.


Flag. In Idaho, we stand for the flag...

...and we kneel for our Fallen Service Members.

First Responders. Throughout the state, Idaho's first responders are regarded as heroes and honored for their selfless service.


Family. Our families aren't always one big happy, but we're fiercely protective of our own. The key to living a long life is not messing with Idaho's kiddos.


Firearms. Idaho is the most firearm industry dependent state in America. We love guns. FULL STOP.


Friends. Contrary to the anti-transplant propaganda a few disgruntled Karens peddle, we're a pretty friendly bunch of folks.


Fundraisers. Idaho gives back and takes care of its own. From fundraisers to food drives, Idaho has a heart of gold.


Fur Babies. Fur real, Idahoans love their fur babies. Where we go, they go, and life goes one.


Fun. Idaho's real ones are foot-loose and fancy-free. Even if we're not out for a long time, we know how to make it a good time.


Festivals. Boise is home to some of the most amazing festivals of the Pacific Northwest. The June 2022 Boise Music Festival was a record breaker in more ways than one, and now we're looking forward to Spirit of Boise Balloon Classic!


Food. In Idaho, food is life, and potatoes and bacon are two of our core food groups.


Fourth of July. Idaho pulls all the stops when it comes to celebrating America's independence. Festivals, fundraisers, parades and fantastic fireworks shows are just a few of the ways we honor the 4th.


Fortune. Most people who live here appreciate how fortunate we are to call the Gem State home. Life here is some of the best in the United States, and that's how we like it.

Idaho's Favorite F-Words

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